I never did record any Christmas songs, did I?

Oh well, happy new years!

The beginning of this year brought hell to me as I learned that the Barnes and Noble store closest to me (the next closest one is an hour and a half away!) had to close due to high rent in the mall it was at. This made me have to dash there to use my B&N gift card that I got for Christmas before it was too late, only to find that the store had -17 copies of the book I wanted. (How is that even possible?) 

I ended up having to order it online. Luckily, the book is supposed to arrive by UPS sometime today.

Arriving home from B&N, I was confronted with a problem that was brought to its worse. For a while now, my parents have known that we've had two water leaks in our house, which hiked up our water bills. Trying to get to them so they can be fixed by a plumber, my dad started breaking his back digging. 

However, the digging revealed something much worse than we expected. Water was pouring out of the ground like a geyser!

My dad decided to keep this huge leak from continuing its reign of chaos, and shut down the water supply to our house.

So I've had to live without basic plumbing, the redneck way (damn!) for the past few days. Today brings my book AND the plumber to hopefully change everything.

So, 2012 is already chaotic for me, and its not even close to the "end of the world" yet...

My celebration of getting water back today is posting a new song about my first day back at school after break, in which we took a walk down to Granite Creek Park and drew some nature scenes based on what we saw. The song is about what my senses picked up while sitting on a rock in the middle of the creek, while flashing a smile every once in a while to my boyfriend from his own position.

Granite Creek brings up great memories, since the park is where I first really talked to Matt, and is where I fell in love with him.
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